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Woman standing on car taking picture To revist this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories . To revist this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories . Making travel plans is tricky even in the best of times, but the pandemic and its lingering effects have made things even more complicated. Whether you're going halfway around the world or planning a trip much closer to home, your smartphone can be a huge help. You probably already use your phone to get you from A to B as quickly as possible, but Google Maps, Apple Maps, and other apps can do much more than this—they can put together a proper itinerary for your next excursion, storing longer lists of places that you want to tick off on your travels. Planning ahead means that time away from home—whether a vacation, business trip, or anything else—is much better organized and less stressful. You can make sure you visit everywhere you want to visit in the time you have available. Search for a location on Google Maps, bring up its info card, and you'll see a Save icon—it shows up on Android, iOS, and the web, and if you tap the icon you can add the place to one of the lists Google Maps makes for you (Starred places, Want to go, and Favorites) or choose New continued list to put together a custom list of your own. When you create a new list, you can give it a name and description, and choose a list type: Private means only you can see the list, Shared means you can share it with a select number of people (your travel buddies perhaps), and Public means anyone can see the list (in case you want to share your pick of the local bars in your area, for example). Whether or not you decide to share the list, this is your opportunity to put together a handpicked collection of places based around a trip—it might be restaurants, or landmarks, or entertainment options for the kids. Google Maps lets you create multiple lists and save locations to one or more of them as required. You can get back to your lists by tapping on the Saved tab in your mobile apps, or by opening the main menu on the Google Maps web interface and choosing Your places and Saved. Open up an individual place and it's possible to add a note, which is handy if you want to remember why you added it, or what you're actually going there for. When it comes to loading up step-by-step directions, any places that are in one of your saved lists will appear first when you're searching for somewhere to navigate to: Just type the first few letters then select sneak a peek at this web-site. the location. Google Maps lets you queue up directions for up to 10 places in succession for the same journey. Creating and naming guides in Apple Maps. Like Google Maps, Apple Maps can save specific places and add them to a curated list that you can return to whenever you like. Bring up a location in the app on iOS or macOS, then tap or click on Guides—it's the button that looks like a plus symbol inside a box. You can add the place to an existing guide, or create a new one. If you decide to create a new guide, you need to give it a name.


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Subscribe to Security Magazine We always keep our verbals going. Even in a situation where they have weapons, we keep talking to the person, letting them know we’re there. The whole time we’re moving closer and closer, because sometimes you just have to take control. But at the same, we never stop talking. And it’s hard: It’s really hard to keep that caring tone in those moments.” This approach may not come naturally to those trained to take a more authority-driven approach. “Security professionals often want to just go in and take charge of a situation, relying upon their authority,” Clay says. “When we de-escalate, on the other hand, we’re actively listening to what that person is saying. We’re watching for those verbal cues that may indicate what they’re thinking. Sometimes we just allow them to vent. It helps them feel validated, that somebody is actually listening to what they have to say.” Uridge likens de-escalation to the law enforcement practice of community policing. “My background is in law enforcement, at Kalamazoo public safety. We started a program there where every single day we asked our officers to go out and just do 20 minutes of foot patrol, not as an investigation, just simply 20 minutes of foot patrol,” he says. “De-escalation starts with proactively building those relationships, before you ever need to be there for an incident.” The same approach works, for example, in a hospital setting, he says. “We treat the health system as a community: Every floor is a neighborhood, and every neighborhood has different issues. To deal with the issues of the neighborhood, you have to build trust.” To build trust, Uridge asks security staff to make the rounds, introducing themselves to patients and staff in advance of any incidents. “We want to build a relationship, to reduce anxiety and build trust. That means we have to proactively go out and engage people,” he says. In any sector, whether retail, transportation or corporate settings, security staff can make personal connections and broker a level of familiarity as part of their routine duties.